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Acoustic Artist

  With a huge lean towards the song writing and acoustic talents of Ed Sheeren, this young Gold Coast lad, at 18, is striving towards living the dream. Meet Rene Le Feuvre . This young lad is an upcoming, self-created acoustic guitar player and singer in Broadbeach. Just like any budding musician he is studying full time at university, working at the local coffee shop, and of course, performing at the local coffee shop on the weekends. He sits in the open-air café Maddisons, In Broadbeach and strums to his guitar while pumping out his favourite stars hits. When asked, what are his favourite ES hits, he smiles and says, ‘you know what man, anything ES is great!’ Although he is fully aware of his audience of slightly older people, Rene makes sure that he adjusts his repertoire accordingly. ‘Sweet Caroline’ always get the oldies rocking! Whatever man – you gotta keep them happy!’ Exactly what his boss at the café wants to hear!     Rene is looking forward to writing his own songs. And again, with ES as his goal posts, this young man has set a high standard for himself – which is what makes this rising star someone to watch in the future. ‘I’ve written about half a song at the moment, but there’s lots more coming’ assures this fresh singer song writer. Rene is like any other healthy young kid. With a huge passion for football and sports, a smart head on his shoulders – pursuing a degree in physiotherapy, and of course doing what he loves – performing, this young man is doing great! Hold on till he starts doing great things! Here is an amazing shoot by Photographer Patricia Cartmill on Rene.