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Ghost Tours


Contacting Ghost Tours Brisbane was the first step towards including something different from just blood, horror and gore ( we have plenty of that ) in Horror month . Ghost stories was the obvious inclusion and such a fascinating genre into this months magazine. Lily ( the Marketing & Design Manager ) became our link into this intriguing company. She was not only happy to be involved, but became an important part of putting this dark and mysterious story together. The invitation to see Boggo Road Gaol was irresistible. Of course – we would put on all our crosses, splash ourselves with holy water and take on the challenge – we were there !


  1. Tell me about how Ghost Tours came about | what is the history of the owners and what inspired them to create Ghost Tours?


Ghost Tours is mainland Australia’s longest running ghost tours, it was created in 1998 after many years of research and exploring the old legends of Brisbane. It is the manifestation of the creator Jack Sim’s passion for real ghost stories and historic crimes and has grown to include a dedicated and passionate group of tour guides and office staff.

Jack Sim was born in Brisbane and from an early age he collected old ghost stories and tales. After travelling overseas and completing his degree in International Business at Griffith University Jack decided to create a tourism experience based around storytelling and history albeit, dark.


“People always used to say Brisbane was boring but to me it never was. It has its own story to tell, and a pretty awful one at that. The city was never meant to be anything other than a convict dumping ground, yet it prospered and survived. And I wanted to tell that story through its ghosts and crimes.”


  1. Have the original owners had an ‘Ghostly’ experiences themselves  |  what draws them towards the dark side ?


“I’ve had many unexplainable experiences. The creepiest are those where there seemed to be an interaction between myself and something. One night, at the end of a Ghost Tour of Toowong Cemetery, after I closed the gates of the graveyard, I reached down to my pocket for the keys, only to discover they were missing. Immediately I panicked as they could be anywhere. Frankly I could not understand how they be missing as throughout the tour you instinctively check your pocket for the keys – they are kind of important lol. Then, I heard a heavy clunk. About 1.5 metres inside the gates fell my keys. Out of nowhere. No-one was around, all the tour patrons had gone home. There was nothing above the gates except branches of an old tree. I pushed those gates open grabbed the keys, locked them, and took off. I still cannot think of an explanation for what happened except the obvious – a ghost playing a trick on me.

“Recently on a tour of Ipswich Cemetery we had a ghostly thick white fog rise up during a story – it clung to skin and clothes and felt like icy cobwebs. It was exhilarating.

What draws me to the dark side is simply that I love thrill of getting creeped and chilled. Who doesn’t? It’s even better when there is an origin story that is in itself chilling.


  1. Tell me about the various tours and briefly describe each one to me?

There is a vast range of ghost and crime tours to choose from within Brisbane, Sydney and Charters Towers. Public tourd run every week, Private Tours for groups of 15 or more can also be booked for birthdays, meetups etc.



Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour

Queensland’s most notorious historic prison is full of ghosts – it was the place of execution from 1883-1913 and many have died within it’s red brick walls.


South Brisbane Cemetery Ghost Tour

One of the old cemeteries in Brisbane –  it is the place of burial for those executed at Boggo Road Gaol and many other poor souls.


Toowong Cemetery Original Ghost Tour

The largest cemetery in Queensland has over 100,000 souls buried within its grounds. Hear stories of Vampires, the Angel of Death and a statue that moves.


Toowong Cemetery Other Side Ghost Tour

Toowong cemetery is so large we have two tours, the other side tour explores the darker half of the cemetery and it’s dark past – grave robbing, devil worship and spook hill.


Ipswich Cemetery Ghost Tour

Ipswich Cemetery is an eerie place, filled with old run down headstones and fantastically creepy stories of something banging on cars that drive past and the lady in white.


Nundah Cemetery Ghost Tour

Meet at the gates of one of Australia’s most historic and intimate graveyards – Nundah Cemetery. Although officially gazetted in 1862, the first European burials took place here in 1846.


Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour – CBD walk

This is the ghost tour to begin with. Walk the streets of Queensland’s creepy capital – Brisbane. Despite its modern appearance, the River City is an old town – haunted by its past.


Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour – coach tour

Visit 4 of Brisbane’s most haunted sites. Hidden among the modern skyscrapers, spirits dwell – places where the ghosts of the past linger. In these dark locations, we will unearth the mysteries, legends & those things not spoken about.


Redlands Ghost Tour – coach tour

Spend a night in Haunted Redlands. Discover how one of the most beautiful parts of the Great South East may have become the Capital City of Queensland. Hear the story of the oldest lighthouse on the mainland of Australia, and it’s ghost. Be told of the sad story of a loving Sunday School Teacher who took her own life and now haunts the Court House Restaurant.


Bloody Brisbane Crime Tour – CBD walk

Long before Melbourne existed, Brisbane was receiving the convict rejects of Sydney. Behind the modern facade discover the dark heart of the capital of the Sunshine State. Walk three city blocks through two centuries of Brisbane’s criminal history.


Bloody Brisbane Crime Tour – coach tour

Brisbane, capital of the Sunshine State; As the convict era ended, Brisbane changed from wild frontier town to cold modern city – as it grew so did crime. Undertake a journey by coach to 5 infamous crime scenes – crimes which still haunt the town to this day.


Charters Towers – North Queensland

Charters Towers Ghost Tours

Charters Towers is haunted by the ghosts of gold – this North Queensland town was built on blood, sweat and toil. Gold brought out the best and the worst in those who came to seek their fortune. Many paid a high price for their greed…


Ravenswood Ghost Tours

Ravenswood is the ghost town that will not die. The discovery of gold saw it boom, its seemingly bottomless mines producing incredible wealth, and characters determined to permanently make their mark – then the gold ran out, and the town became home to their ghosts.


Charters Towers Ghost Hunts

Explore some of the haunted buildings in Charters Towers with paranormal investigation equipment. You will be the one to decide if it is haunted!



Macquarie Street Ghost Tour

Hear of bizarre rumours and true tales researched from archives, libraries, former residents & local people – the slaughterhouse, the ghost of Mrs. L and the mysteries of Hyde Park to name a few.



Toowong Cemetery – the original tour

Toowong cemetery, officially established in 1875, is the largest cemetery in Queensland and holds over 120,000 souls. Spread over the hills and steep slopes are tens of thousands of gravestones, tombs & crypts. There are many parts you would not go alone. Generations of local people have been drawn to explore it; ghost stories and tales – real and imagined – abound.

The Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour allows you to explore Queensland’s largest cemetery in darkness, testing your nerves and perhaps a glimpse of a ghostly figure wandering through the thousands of headstones.

Many famous and infamous figures lay within the ground, including the macabre butcher, and possible murderer Patrick Mayne; and the striking marble statue of Edward MacGregor, said to rise from his plinth and take a walk.



  1. What do guests expect from a tour | what is it that fascinates them about the tours | what is the fascination with ‘Ghosts’ ?


If you could, would you take a chance to catch a glimpse of the unknown? Want to find proof that we can live on after death? People have always had a fascination with ghosts and the paranormal, it offers a fascinating perspective on life, death and whatever comes next. Many have had experiences of their own or are hoping to see a ghost.


If you are expecting to have the pants scared off you with gore and theatrics, we suggest these tours are not for you, however if you are interested in atmospheric storytelling, ghostly sightings and history, then these are definitely for you. The tours are historically based ghost tours, with an age limit of 10 and over. There are no pranks and no one jumping out, as we want you to know it is authentic if you do see, hear or feel anything. And trust us, ghosts have been seen on tours.


Guests love our tours for the eerie storytelling and the fascinating dark history of the sites we visit.


Below is some of our customers feedback:

“Informative tour of Toowong Cemetery with just the right balance of the dramatic and historic. We absolutely loved the tour and will definitely be doing another!”


“The staff and tour guides are fantastic and show a true passion for their craft. Tales from the crypt that will leave thinking, and feeling unnerved.”


“If you like to walk around in the dark with a torch whilst listening to spooky tails then this is for you. My family had a great time being scared in the dark. The stories were historical and very interesting.”