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CDM – How does an anime artist work in a team to produce a sequence in a  film. what are the components that you do as an individual ?


Henry – Explaining the whole process would take way too long to talk about here. (That`s why people go to college. Haha. To learn about it over the course of multiple years.) … Generally though, there`s a storyboard artist, character designer, background/set designer, layout/key-frame artists, in-between artists, clean-up/color artists, and editors. That`s just for completing a single sequence though. For a whole production, multiple directors, a writing staff, a sound department, voice actors, and so-on would be needed. It`s a huge process that takes a team and a lot of effort. Each individual needs to know how to do their own job, and how it will fit into the overall production process, and the directors need to be able to hold everything together and keep things like quality consistent.


It`s difficult to answer the “how long would it take to produce a 5 minute film” question. I hear it all the time, and am glad you asked it since now maybe I`ll have an opportunity to get this information out there to whoever`s reading this. The length of the project doesn’t determine the timeline, nor the cost of the project. A 5 minute short may take the same amount of time or longer to produce as a full 25 minute episode … and conversely, a 25 minute anime episode may be produced quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time. It depends on a variety of factors. Creating the “first” bit of animation for any given series is always the hardest. Some people contact me thinking that “well if I ask for only a 2 minute short that probably won`t cost very much.” …….. Perhaps after we`ve already produced a few episodes of your series, yes, that may be the case. But if you`re starting from scratch, it means that you need to secure a team interested in the project, it means you need character and background designs, image boards, etc. This is true whether the project is 30 seconds, or 2 hours. … So “how long does it take to produce a ____ minute anime” is really an unanswerable question until everyone sits down and decides what`s necessary for the project at hand.


Stay tuned folks – as we watch Henry and his Studio take on the Anime world and create a whole new take on the industry !