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HMC – The Show !


This is the first disturbing image you come across as you arrive at the Horror Movie Festival. ‘Michael’ from Friday the 13th fame, lurches towards the crew. I found this character, of all the twisted and damaged ones ( yet to be discovered inside ) – was by far the most scary and unnerving ! His deadly silence and the absence of a face – made us all feel awfully uncomfortable and strangely – vulnerable.  We had arrived !


This was going to be a great festival. I can only imagine that this festival would mostly attract the dark horror fans and the occasional dress-up people who want to immerse themselves in a creepy, freak show environment. The hillside is transformed into a carnival freak – show environment, complete with side – shows, death chamber, food vans, SPFX makeup bar, horror bar – and the lurking ‘scare’ characters. 

The scene is really set for a fun night of scares, creepy encounters and of course the main two horror movie features played on a huge inflatable outdoor movie screen.

When you arrive, the first thing to do is head for the makeup bar – run by the Academy of Design students. This place displays gory images – just like a menu from the the local horror morgue. You can point and select at the menu, and twenty minutes later you are transformed ! This is a brilliant idea from the talented makeup artists who make sure that no one misses out on the interactive experience of this event.


The rest is up to you. I would imagine that every one headed for the Horror Bar and then you had so much to do – The Side Show tent hosted Magic Shows, Food eating competitions and much more. The Death Chamber sat nearby spewing out bellows of smoke and mist to lure you in. Of courses Disorder Magazine took up the challenge. Bad enough the thought of all the creepy characters walking around – NO – they all placed themselves in great positions to scare the be-jeeeeesus out of everyone that dared enter !

‘People watching’ was by far the most intriguing part of the festival. Almost everyone has taken full advantage of the theme and made enormous efforts to dress as their favourite characters. If you were ever scared of clowns – then maybe you should think twice about wandering around this place. One clown chased victims around on a miniture motor bike yielding a blood covered knife. Even the security guard was challenged at the bar ( look out for the pic ), who like most of us went ‘Oh my God,  what do I do now !


Enjoy the festival as much as we did. We will certainly be heading back there next year to see the new creatures, rides and visual treats that HMC have in store for us. Oh, and yes the crazed fans all slept in tents scattered across the hill side. I forgot to ask HMC if ‘Michael’ had finished working by the time everyone went to bed !  The news was that there were blood curdling screams from tents all through the early hours of the evening ! Sleep tight !





The atmosphere was Great !


Of what our fears are made of !


Not even the Security man could figure out what to do with this horrific clown !





















Just remember that THIS becomes this (below ) Sleep tight !




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