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Inside a cell


The Boggo Rd Gaol visit was much more daunting than first imagined. The chance to stand in the dark, in the Cell Blocks and listen to the gory stories of the Gallows where 42 people were hanged ( some in horrific endings ). To listen intently as the tour guide explained and fleshed out the horrors of life within the cells, the mixed bunch of inmates and mostly the conditions of life within these walls.

Without adding more drama to the already heightened situation there were tour guests who were nervous in the dark. One guest worsened the situation by jumping out of her chair screaming ‘oh my god’ and running and huddling together with her friend three metres away. She insisted she was spooked by ‘something’ and apologised profusely.  Shortly afterwards we were allowed to wander through the cells’ alone with our torches.

Torchlight creates a strange sense of isolation and focus at the same time. You can only see what you are pointing at, and I soon learned not to keep sweeping the light checking for anything untoward. This only made it worse.

I soon settled, and found the walls of the cells telling an altogether different story. Even though you are brought right forward in history to the 1980’s you have the startling realisation that this goal was a part of our modern history as well.

Between the peeling paint and stained walls were graffiti treasures of this prison. You need time, and lots of it, to look and absorb the story telling in each of the images. Some are just frustrated outbursts and others more profound. There was interesting art and images between the commentaries and outbursts that made for fascinating viewing. I later learned that Ghost Tours offered a  Graffiti Tour as well and I can now see why!

I went into the gaol on a specific ghost hunting mission. I was not confident about the quality of images and clarity of the photographs that I would get under torchlight. Thank God for modern technology and a brilliant low light camera. When I returned to the studio I soon re-discovered the insides of the cells in clear and eerie images, and had to include this in the story. To ensure that I don’t again reveal too much I limited the images to less than a 1/3, in the hope that we create a ‘sneak peak’ fascination, making you want more and visit the gaol for the full experience.

Driving the story straight back to the core of ghost hunting, it isn’t difficult to believe the trapped souls within these walls. There is so much hardship and sorrow here, that it isn’t hard at all to believe that ghosts remain here and haunt this place.


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Worth a closer look !


Look at this image very carefully. Out of all the artwork and graffiti strewn throughout the cells – i finally came upon something that may give a clue to ghostly experiences by the inmates. The person sits in the corner defecating – its obvious something has scared the living daylights out of this person, one would presume is an inmate. The thing that looms above him is clearly not human. It has no legs and seems to float well above the ground that the person sits on. It has several sets of arms – not just two. The inmate is correctly drawn with two arms and two legs – so one can assume that the ‘Ghost’ is anatomically correct as well !!!!!! One would also assume that if the looming figure was a Warder – the limbs would have been drawn and most definitely yielding a baton of some sort.

I may be seeing too much into this. However someone decided to record this incident, that was way before the Ghost Tours ! you decide……