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Meet Ben Stevens – Sports Photographer ! He is a Gold Coast Based photographer with the Nation and the World as his sports backdrop.




CD : Why are you drawn to sports photography?

For me, photographing sports is a great way to spend my time. All of the sports I photograph I have a great interest in which makes them easier for me to photograph. 
​I am drawn not only the action but the lifestyle, the interesting thing about shooting a race or sports event is that you become immersed within the culture of that sport. The people, the crowd, the location and the equipment. Some of the most interesting sports photographs are not of action but of a specific moment experienced by a participant. This could be anything from shooting a portrait of someone while they are waiting for results to that final push to the line.  Overall I love capturing all aspects from high drama to some of the more quiet moments that can give a view real insight into the participant and sport. 
CD:  Do you have a personal history of sports yourself?
I have a solid personal history participating in a large range of sports. I raced mountain bikes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s which is a big part of why I photograph racing now. 
​I enjoy most sports that i try, everything from skiing to rock climbing. I really love the learning process and the personal development and achievement that comes from participating within sports in general. I think it is fascinating to photograph other people on this journey as well. ​
CD:  What is it about extreme sports photography that is different and demanding?
What makes extreme sports photography different and demanding is in most cases the environment and the weather conditions. 
​M​ost of what I photograph is in the mountains. There is always a lot of hiking involved while carrying a big pack of equipment. In many cases you will only have the one chance to get the shot your after. 
​The extremes in the weather is something that is extremely challenging however can also bring some of the most rewarding photographs. A storm might roll in and you will be shooting in heavy rain or snow and then suddenly the sun will emerge for a moment and you can get some really interesting dynamics between sports participate, light and location. ​Sometimes the most difficult shooting conditions will also great a a very dramatic mood and story throughout your photographs which will give the views a great sense of what the true conditions were like for all the people involved. 
CD: What services does your photography business offer?
My business offers mostly a freelance setup
​ – which can included anything from event image packages to full race or event coverage including write up on the event itself.​
​I mostly cover Mountain Bike, Road Cycling, Skiing, Snowboarding however have covered a range of other sports as well. I also offer commercial shoots for advertising and marketing services. ​