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Political Fashion


Fashion?  Urban Art?  or  Political Statement?




Designer – Will Choi makes bold political statements across his new collection of swimwear / body wear. He has a passion for bringing to light the unnecessary killing and slaughtering of exotic, endangered animals – for the creation of ever-growing so called sexual enhancement products all over the world. Aptly named APHRODISIAC – the collection doesn’t hold back in its strong political view, the highlighting of animal like the Rhinoceros & Tiger ( amongst lots of others not shown on his body art / fashion statements ).  Clever ?  Bold ? you decide ! This designer uses his body canvas to make statements that resonate throughout the globe – to be worn either as daywear / streetwear bodysuit or in the water. So whether you are a swimwear shopper, naturalist, or recognise the unusual divide between fashion and swimwear – this collection look great ! makes a bold personal statement and Yes ! in typical 80’s ( Baywatch style ) looks fabulous on the body !