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Twisted Circus

The Academy of Design, in an amazing collaboration with the Corina School of Dance, once again produced one of the highlight performances at the Supanova Heroes Parade. An innovative take on a ‘Twisted Circus’, the visual presentation on track was nothing short of spectacular. With a crazy assortment of circus freaks flanking the main attraction of ‘twisted’ & damaged’ ballet dancers all attached to the circus tent ropes from  a convertible Porsche. Corina School of Dance – took to stage in a spectacular free style performance that left the parade audience clapping and cheering. Later at Victoria Park, the dancers went on to do a spectacular synced dance number that was a true display of the decipline and standards produced from this local school.

Every year the Academy of Design creates it’s own visual theme – and no doubt landed them with  the cover of the Bulletin the next morning ! Enjoy ! and stay twisted ! 



Welcome to the Circus ! Come meet our attractions …………………….


















A Brief History

Many years ago on top of the Beechmont mountain Corina took over the dance school when the original owners were leaving to dance overseas.A few years later another dancer/teacher did the same asking Corina to take over her 2 schools in Coomera and Mudgeeraba. 

It was then that Corina decided to join the Royal Academy of Dance Teachers Certificate program (RADTC) while running 3 schools,dancing professionally at Jupiters Casino,teaching for Jill Ford in Nerang and having a baby. 

Corina School of Dance now operates only out of Robina High School where she assists Robina High with their dance program and also teaches ballet at Somerset College in Mudgeeraba.

Her dance school is an intimate friendly school taking in a wide variety of ages, styles and levels of commitment.

The teachers have a wealth of professional experience in show business in a wide variety of dance styles and environments.

New students are always welcome to try out and the students and teachers alike are always kind and helpful to newcomers.

Miss Corina is now a 20 year member of the Royal Academy of Dance.

Her love for ballet and producing wonderful concerts for the students every year has never waned.