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Wholistic Fitness

  Meet Darius Wright – a 22 year old that is creating his own brand of wholistic fitness – Globally ! Originally from the United States – Darius left Pennsylvania at 17 and has travelled the world quite extensively in a creative need to explore other societies, discover different people and more importantly create a sense of who he truly is. He originally came to Australia in 2013 and admits he fell in love with the place. He went on to travel through Africa, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Germany, France – and then realised he wanted to return to Australia. Darius openly claims that ‘his heart is here!’ Since the age of seven he has been training in Circus arts, callisthenics, weight training and lots of fitness regimes. It wasn’t until he discovered Yoga that he was able to then use all the years of training and apply the ‘best parts’ to his own brand of fitness. Darius believes that the mind and the body should train as one. Many of the fitness styles he had studies and practices often concentrated on isolated parts of the body – this felt in direct contradiction to his belief that the body and mind should be trained together in a wholistic way. This was then the birth of KTS Wholistic Fitness. KTS – stands for ‘Know Thy Self’ – the very essence of what he believes and practices. The blending of all of his diciplines has helped Darius create a series of training and fitness regimes that follow his wholistic principles. The best part is that it is all done online – and therefore he can spread his  fitness goals on a whole new global level.     Watching Darius train – is truly awe inspiring – his mental and physical capabilities are extraordinary – and he leaves you breathless as he transitions from distorted body frame to a hand stand to a yoga move ! Living in the magical mountains of Northern New South Wales, Darius lives a balanced life. His goal one day is to build a KTS Fitness Centre here – where he can hold classes and people from all over the world can visit and say hello to the KTS guru ! You can go check out KTS Wholistic Fitness for yourself –